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story morry :)

how are you my friends ? hope you just fine .. okay today is Sunday , nothing that I do today
bored , but I still have my boyf that keep company me everyday , but now ..

we were fight for a while , alaa just a min :D
he so funny man , don't worry sayang on Tuesday we hang out okay ? 
I hope you not upset again okay darl :)
hahh ! I just want to show off
last Saturday My sister and I went to Jusco , we just date together ..
On that day our boyf are busy with their friends both of us sad ..

BUT !! we are enjoy our date :)
here some picture of mine :)

 #masa ni makan dekat VIVO je ..
honestly berdekak cause both of us first time rasmi sini :D

#haa this one in front crocs butik :D
I made this picture as DP for

#we are T.G !

#haha dah malas masukkan je semua :D

taadaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa :
okay last but not least ,
thanks for the reader and i hope see you all soon :)
i got to go now , tomorrow have fashion class !!
toodlesssssssssssss !

nurul aqillah samat dolkhan 

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